Breakfast Nook Storage Ideas for the Kitchen

In most homes, the kitchen is a center of activity and as a result becomes cramped and cluttered. As a homeowner, you need to find enough storage space so that the kitchen is still neat and comfortable to gather in. However, the kitchen cabinets offer a finite amount of storage space and once they are full you need to consider other options such as the breakfast nook. Breakfast nook furniture sets and individual pieces of breakfast nook furniture can offer new storage opportunities for the busy kitchen.

If you get a breakfast nook with storage benches like a corner breakfast nook set, the corner benches can be turned into storage chests. The solid benches have large areas between the bench seat and the floor that can be used to store anything from small kitchen appliances to kitchen linens or school supplies to large food containers. This idea works best with corner nook sets because a free-standing bench with a solid bottom will stick out and look too clunky. This is a good storage idea because the storage created is clean, dry, and dark most of the time. In addition it is conveniently located for easy access when needed.

A second breakfast nook storage idea is to hide a thin storage cabinet behind the high back of the bench seats. Of course, high back bench seats generally only come in a corner breakfast nook set. The thin storage area is perfect for storing thin items that otherwise take up a lot of room in regular cabinets or are always falling over and making a mess. Baking sheets and cutting boards are two examples. The thin storage compartment could also be turned into a pull out spice rack. Moving these small items out of the kitchen cabinets can make a big difference in your kitchen organization.

A third breakfast nook storage idea is to use the breakfast table for storage as well. You can find breakfast nook sets with tables that have small drawers underneath. The drawers are similar in size to the center drawer on a writing desk or piece of office furniture. You can use this type of storage for pens, pencils, scissors, and any other school supplies that your kids might need. In addition, you could move all the odds and ends that populate your kitchen junk drawer there to free up kitchen storage.

One last breakfast nook storage idea is to add another piece of breakfast nook furniture like a cabinet of some sort. You can find anything from stand alone pantry cabinets to sideboards and buffets to match your breakfast nook and each piece offers additional storage space. Pantry cabinets are probably the most popular because they have the smallest footprint and offer specialized storage that every kitchen needs but very few have built in to their cabinetry. Pantry cabinets will have many shelves close together so there is no wasted head space and shallow shelves so that you can see everything without moving things around and digging into the cabinet.

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