Getting to Know Quinoa

Quinoa has been popular with vegetarians for some time, but recently it has gained much wider popularity with health enthusiasts looking to benefit from these tiny seeds. One of the key benefits of quinoa is that it is low in fat and provides the body with a complete protein source.  While most plants are short on at least one of the necessary amino acids that are required for health, quinoa has all eight of them.  Since it is very easy to cook quinoa, it is a food that can be enjoyed regardless of your skill level in the kitchen.

A few years back, it was not easy to get access to quinoa but now it can be obtained from almost all the big grocery stores and stores that offer health products. It can also be bought over the Internet.

Quinoa is not a grass, but its seeds have been...
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Quinoa is a seed and mostly it is used in this form. However you will find it in the form of flour and flakes too. If you want to get additional health benefits from your foods recipes then you can replace ordinary flour with quinoa flour. If you want to use in the shape of bread then you are advised to mix quinoa flour with the white otherwise the bread will get thicker. Oatmeal can be replaced with quinoa flakes because they do contain the same level of proteins. For the purpose of baking and cooking, quinoa flakes are a good substitute of oatmeal in any respect.

Those who have not tried it may be anxious about how to cook quinoa.  If you are among those who want to learn about how to cook it then you do not need to wait anymore. Just make a search online and you will get hundreds of related recipes. Some food related magazines also publish the recipes of quinoa because many people love to know about it.

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