How Accurate Are Cell Phone Tracker Apps?

If you haven’t heard about the cell phone tracker application, let me take a second and explain what they are and what they do. These are basically small programs that harness the GPS receiver in your cell phone and turn your phone into a GPS tracking device. They are very handy apps that a lot of people find quite helpful.

If you want to use a cell phone tracker application, you will first have to download and install a tracking app onto your phone which means you must have a programmable Smartfone. You must also subscribe to a data plan with your cell phone service provider. After you have installed the app on your phone, you will easily be able to locate that phone from the Internet.

People who are interested in using a cell phone tracking application will be pleased to know that these applications are very accurate. Because they use the GPS receiver chip in your phone, they can often report that the exact location of your phone. This information will be displayed on a map on the computer screen that you’re searching for the phone with.

In the past, cell phone tracking was limited to a technique called triangulation. This method basically pinged the cell phone to find out how close it was to the nearest cell phone towers. The old applications basically attempted to establish the distance from three cell phone towers. Then, with this information they could give you a rough approximation of the location of the cell phone.

The cell phone tracking apps of today are much more accurate. They are however limited by a couple of factors. The first limitation is that they aren’t very accurate if you’re in a large building like a shopping mall or parking garage. Also, these applications must remain running on your phone all of the time and the phone must be turned on in order for them to work.

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