Success for Career Yoga Teachers

Yoga has become extremely popular in recent years, creating opportunities for those interested in exercise and wellness to consider jobs as yoga teachers. But simply becoming a yoga instructor won’t lead to instantaneous fame—new teachers have much work ahead of them if they want to build a career in this rewarding field.

The reality is, in some cities, a lot of competition can exist among yoga instructors, so finding distinction as a new instructor is critical. A proven method of securing a long-term yoga career is to cultivate lasting relationships with your students. In addition to memorizing their names and unique physical conditions, providing some kind of after-class connection, possibly through yoga classes online may help to nurture personal bonds between student and teacher.  The purpose is quite straightforward—making a personal connection with a student means you’re more likely to see them in class again, thereby making you more popular with yoga studios.

After creating a devoted “fan base,” an average yoga instructor salary can be up to about $45,000 per year, but usually not much higher. The exception is for yoga teachers who run their own studios, but only if they have a business-oriented sensibility. Just opening a studio won’t lead to instant success in the yoga biz—you need to build a client base just like any other business. Being short of traditional business experience can mean failure for new studio owners, so only those with the necessary business skills should attempt this approach to building their career.

The most important thing is to treat a yoga career just like any other trade. Creating long-lasting relationships with your students, following traditional marketing approaches in your promotional efforts, and looking at this career the same as any other business can help new teachers build a profitable future as a yoga instructor.

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