The Many Benefits of Organic Milk

In times past the slogan “milk is not only delicious but nutritious” could have been fairly common in most households.  However, as with most agricultural products produced on the market today, the question of whether non-organic milk is as nutritious today as it used to be in times past is another story.  The following are some reasons why organic milk may be safer to drink than its non-organic counterpart.

First, milk production has greatly expanded over the years into a massive enterprise with literally hundreds of dairy farms around the country taking responsibility to produce most of the milk found on the market today.  Due to the large number of cows living on the farms there is always a risk of  some of these animals becoming sick which would require medicines for their recovery.  These same medicines are transferable to the milk given by the animals.  Though there are safety guidelines and requirements in place to prevent this from happening, it is up to the individual farmer to respect the safety guidelines. Unfortunately this procedure is not always monitored well enough to ensure 100% compliance.

Second, hormones given to cows to help them increase their production of milk are also transferable to the milk served at your breakfast table.  In addition, any chemical pesticide used on the farm that finds its way into the cows can also be transferred to you through the milk produced by the animal.  In drinking non-organic milk today people run the risk of increased illnesses, becoming more prone to allergic reactions or being affected by increased hormones in their system.

These problems are not encountered with the production of organic milk.  Organic milk is not produced under large industrious dairy farm conditions but rather on “certified farms” in an environment where smaller numbers of cows are kept.  Hormone treatments are now allowed to be given to the cows on these farms nor is the use of chemical pesticides permitted.  In this way the milk produced is free of these additives thus making it healthier to consume.  Raw organic milk produced by cows which have been fed only on organic grass will provide the nutrients you need to stay healthier and stronger.

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