Five refreshing series to spend this August (and where to watch them)

We are in the middle of August, at least in Spain there is plenty of sun and heat and there are many ways to cool off, we propose one of the most relaxed and entertaining: hit a marathon with some of the most refreshing series that you will find in the best-known streaming services in these places. We bring you news, but also series with a little more travel. The important thing is that they are … refreshing, yes; Each in its own way. And good, of course.

Black sails

If you enjoy the heat, of roasting yourself on the beach as if you were a spit and also the adventure goes, you can not miss Black Sails , a series that dares to mix historical figures in what is actually a prequel to the island of Robert Louis Stevenson’s treasure … for adults only, yes. Black Sails concluded in 2017 with its fourth season and you can watch the entire series on Netflix.

It is refreshing because … Because a series with the maritime sensation of this one has never been shot, because it is an intense series and because the dare deserves it.

The boys

If the heat is indifferent to you, if you don’t care eight to eighty, you have to meet Butcher. He is like you and when he meets his colleagues, they are The Boys . And they are very angry, because one thing is to have super powers, and another to use them to make the gañán, in the bad sense of the word. * The Boys * is the summer revelation series and its first season is on Amazon Prime Video.

It’s refreshing for … For everything. It is clear that we like the genre of superheroes, the Marvel Universe, that of DC, the thousand and one series that they are taking … But everything has a limit.

What we do in the shadows

If you hate the heat and you are one of those people who spend the summer covered, longing for the cold to come back, embrace What we do in the shadows . It is the continuation of a very special film that came out a few years ago, and that returns from the dead to liven up the evening. Candle without prejudice, at night if possible. The first season of * What we do in the shadows * awaits you on HBO.

It is refreshing for … Something similar to the previous case: sometimes it is convenient to give a return to the usual, and the genre of the supernatural thanks it when done well.

The Terror

If you are simply too hot, the solution is The Terror . All that is required of you is a bit of empathy, that you try to get an idea of ​​what it would have been like to embark on the British exploration trip to Antarctica in the mid-19th century known as Franklin’s lost expedition. Spoiler alert : it would have been bad. Go to Amazon Prime Video to watch it.

It’s refreshing for … You’re in the Arctic, it’s the 19th century and as you can imagine, the thing is going to twist. Do you need more reasons?

You vs the Wild

Finally, if you enjoy the heat but only at times, you like the sea and the mountains, but only occasionally … You vs the Wild will come in handy. They have translated it as Survival is the challenge and best of all, it will not be you who plays it, but who decides how to play it. From the jungle to the snowing peak, through the deep desert or the unfathomable swamp, Bear Grylls takes you. The first season of * You vs the Wild ** is on Netflix.

It is refreshing for … It is costing that the mechanics of “choose your own adventure” set in stories interpreted by real people, but the chosen format solves it quite well. Very entertaining.


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