NEWSiPhone 11 Pro The most advanced of the new Apple phones?

iPhone 11 Pro may be the most advanced version of Apple’s new generation of smartphones, with a presentation scheduled for September.

The information has been provided by the CoinX Twitter account. It is an anonymous and quite mysterious account, but it has accurately leaked details of Apple products in the past and, in fact, it was the first that published (and guessed right) the names of the terminals of this generation: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

MacRumors also received an anonymous message with that nomenclature, which would correspond to the most advanced version. As always, they are rumors and rumors of high diffusion products, although more and more these speculations become real with leaks -interested- that arrive from the same manufacturers. We just saw it at the launch of the Galaxy Note 10.

An iPhone 11 Pro makes sense. Marketing continues to count, and much, and Apple wants to break with a current generation that has not reported the sales of the previous ones. And it would be much easier to position and distinguish an iPhone 11 and an iPhone 11 Pro, than not «Max», «XR» and «XS». On the other hand, Apple already uses the “Pro” label on several products, the latest iPads Pro.

How would this iPhone 11 Pro

Everything indicates that it would be the top of the range of the three variants that Apple would market . It would have a 6.5-inch OLED screen , release a new Apple A13 SoC and increase the memory to 6 Gbytes of RAM and the storage base to 128 Gbytes.

Another important renewed section would be its camera system . It is in all pools and there is talk of triple sensor in the main and double sensor in the front. The 5G support is unknown. Apple bought a part of Intel’s modem division, but it’s impossible to use them in this generation. Apple has two options: either delay the iPhone 5G to 2020 or use Qualcomm modems, with which it also reached an agreement to end its patent war.

It is certain that it will pre-install the final version of iOS 13 and that it would be sold in several color finishes. As for availability, an Apple event is expected in mid-September. The company has a good track record of availability after launch so they would be available that same month. iPhone 11 Pro would be the most expensive of the three to market and its price would rise above 1,200 euros .


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