Samsung has developed larger capacity batteries without raising its size

The batteries are, without a doubt, the great pending account that the current smartphones have, Samsung knows it, and for that reason, the South Korean giant has been working for some time on new solutions that allow improving the autonomy within the mobile sector.


It may seem easy, in fact, there is a simple way to do it, using larger capacity batteries, but this would force Samsung to launch larger and heavier smartphones, something that could generate rejection among consumers, especially now that the weight is prioritized so much and the thinness of the terminal.

Developing a battery that offers greater storage capacity but does not take up more space is complicated, but Samsung’s battery division has succeeded. As we can see in the attached image we have a unit with a capacity of 6,000 mAh that is practically the same size as the units that we can find in most of today’s terminals.

Yes, this means that Samsung has shaped a 6,000 mAh battery that is practically the same size as a 3,000 mAh battery. We still do not know which terminals will be the first to use it, but it is likely that the South Korean company will choose to mount it first in mid-range and mid-low range models, all with the aim of verifying the user experience they offer and identifying any point of improvement before deciding to take it to its top-of-the-range terminals.

I know what you’re thinking, will we see this battery in the Galaxy S11? Unfortunately I can not answer that, but of course, it is clear that Samsung wants to continue improving the batteries of its smartphones focusing, for the moment, on an increase in capacity without compromising the size, so we can expect that this terminal comes with a battery superior to that of the Galaxy S10.

Capacity is one of the most important improvement points of batteries, but it is not the only one. In addition to increasing the autonomy, the sector’s greats must work to find an alternative to traditional lithium-ion technology that allows solutions to be given with a longer life, that is, batteries that suffer less wear and tear with each charge cycle.


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